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Aircraft Cabin Pressurization Test Rig


Jetfix Aircraft Maintenance is pleased to announce the operation of their brand new Aircraft Cabin Pressurization Test Rig.

The equipment is developed to perform cabin pressure testing on any pressurized aircraft up to a cabin maximum differential pressure.

The unit provides instrumentation and a controllable air supply for checking cabin leakage and for function testing of other pressurization components such as outflow valves, gauges and door seals.

Pressurisation leaks result in decreased engine performance, increased ITT and fuel flow.  A tight cabin will result in better economy & more importantly safety and comfort for your passengers.  Feedback from customers who have recently used the rig is very positive, with great results.

Jetfix Aircraft Maintenance is an aircraft maintenance company conveniently located at Toowoomba City Airport, Queensland, servicing both piston and turbine, single & twin engine aircraft. 

With our team of experienced engineers, we ensure your aircraft is safe and operational with minimized downtime.

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